Narrative. I think of my photography as a continuation of the kind of world-creation and invention I did as a child. New scenes, rooted in the familiar, but with some kind of different narrative to it. I try to create for and of a place of shared emotions, archetypes. Overlapping of the real and surreal.

I started taking pictures when I was about 12 years old, right about the same time I started keeping a journal. So, for me, the dialogue and the image are always intertwined. There's always text, or context. Or maybe subtext. The best photographs, for me, are the ones that start in my own imagination, but end in yours.

I'm currently taking on new work, both stills and film, where I can act as a partner and collaborator on highly-creative projects with highly-creative people and organizations.

Please reach out directly for any inquiries. 


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