Josh S. Rose

Venice Beach, CA

Thank you for visiting the site and being interested enough to learn more about me. Here's my quick story:


My passion for photography began because of my grandfather, who was quite a photographer himself. He didn't do it for money, just to document his travels and family. His work was stunning and I watched and learned from how he did it. He gave me my first camera when I was about 12 years old. It was a Nikkormat, which was tough as nails. I was one of those highly-creative kids who never seemed cut out for anything else but art. I got my degree in Fine Art from UCSC and always thought that's what I'd do - but then I fell into advertising. I worked as a CD for a number of big firms over the years, but it was always my plan to get back to photography. 

In 2018, after an agency downsizing, I decided to make the jump and haven't looked back. Photography is my happy place. I don't like to lessen the value of it by saying it's not a job, but it's not a job. No matter who I'm working for, it's always an art for me. And I've found the more I keep that mentality and really view what I do as art, the better the work and the more satisfying it all is. And this is why I call myself an artist/photographer. 

I've held positions as a professor of photography at University of California, I'm a Leica Akademie Instructor, current Artist-in-Residence with the Los Angeles Dance Project and the Ghostlight Residency Project. I was Artist-in-Residence at CalArts, 2018. On the board of Venice Arts. And have won a number of awards over the years.

Work featured by:

NY Times, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine, KCRW, Nike, Porsche, Leica, Ford, NFL, MLB, Out Magazine, AdWeek, USA Today, CW TV Network, LA Times, LaLa Magazine, Relish Magazine, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Modern Luxury's, Angeleno Magazine, The Observer, Street Photography London, Street Shootr, Well + Good, Paper Cut Magazine, LA Dance Chronicle, Financial Times, Haute Magazine, Golden State, All About Photo, Shondaland, Sundance and lots more.

Here's an interview I did with Leica on dance photography: