How Rain Works.jpg

"How Rain Works"

"How Rain Works" is probably my best-known image. It won the Spider Awards Top Honors in the category of Fine Art Photography. It was taken from the 6th floor of a building in Los Angeles during a rainy day. A man with an umbrella walks along a sidewalk juxtaposed against the directional arrows of the street creating any number of possible narratives. I call it "How Rain Works" because I enjoy the narrative of the arrows describing the up and down nature of precipitation, but others have concluded other things about life, emotion and work from it.

I'm offering this image on Open Sea, if you are interested. The owner will have exclusive rights to the image, which I only plan on minting this one time.

Inquire at: Open Sea

The Shepherd.jpg

"The Shepherd"

"The Shepherd" is a unique image with a great story. On a trip through Eastern Europe - here, traveling through Romania - I was taken by a young sheep herder heading home at the end of the day. I leapt out of the car and ran over to where he was and probably appeared to him like an alien from another planet. Luckily, I had family with me who could translate and he ended up inviting us all over to his house. An unforgettable moment and a rarely-seen event in the mountains of Transylvania.